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“Andy Warhol kept what he called a “smell collection,” switching perfumes every three months so he could reminisce more lucidly on those months whenever he smelled that period’s particular scent.”

All You Have Eaten, by Rachel Khong (via theepitomeofquiet)

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Elsa Schiaparelli Perfume Bottle Collection


Elsa Schiaparelli Perfume Bottle Collection


Be Delicious, an extremely popular perfume which spawned what seems to be a million flankers since the original, is a chemical cucumber and apple mess and so are it’s flankers.

Delicious Night is one of the few of many flankers that I actually like form this line. I feel it should have never been released under the “Be Delicious” line because it resembles absolutely none of the others. I think if it was released as it’s own stand alone fragrance with no affiliation to Be Delicious it would have seen better sales and popularity. But no, it’s discontinued instead. 

Delicious Night is a sexy dark oriental with blackberry as it’s central theme. It is the antithesis of Be Delicious & Friends apple fresh sweetness. For that reason I suspect Be Delicious lovers were disappointed with Delicious Night because they would have been expecting DKNY’s usual Febreeze-on-steroids bullshit but got an actual perfume instead.

Am I bitter much? Yes. Perfume brands shouldn’t release perfumes as flankers if they don’t resemble in any way the original fragrance. 

Anyways, Delicious Night is spicy, dry, and reminds me for some reason of red wine. Heavy on incense and resins, cuts through the tart sweetness of the blackberry note. There is also sharp citrus & ginger to lighten it somewhat. Great nighttime going out scent.


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Truest to the scent of baby powder than any other perfume I know. If you want to wear that scent then this is the perfume for you. I personally think baby powder scent is pretty. A blend of rose, musk, and vanilla are the classical components of that scent with variations including other florals.

Sweet Honesty adds a twist with a honey note which becomes more apparent in the dry down than freshly sprayed. I adore when the honey note comes out, it adds warmth and a little bit of sexiness I think. 

I like this perfume a lot, but for some reason, and I guess because it’s such a literal scent I never really reached for it. I couldn’t really find an occasion for Sweet Honesty. I do recommend it though, but only if the scent of baby powder appeals to you. It’s inexpensive and lovely.

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Great reviews

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Chantilly was originally made by Houbigant. It has since been reformulated and produced by Dana. I’ll start with the newer version.

Dana: This interpretation of Chanitlly smells like cookies and soap. It is extremely powdery and quite heavy on vanilla. I don’t know if Dana intended to appeal to a younger crowd by amping up the sweetness but if so then that’s awkward because Chantilly is still going to smell dated to those that aren’t into vintage-style scents. Super strong and long lasting. 

Houbigant: This review is based off of a used vintage cologne estimated to be from the 60s. I was not aware of Chantilly when vintage Chantilly was being produced so the accuracy of this review should be taken with a grain of salt. The Houbigant version too is very powdery but I believe it to be more resinous and oriental in character than the new version which is fluffy and sweet but they are rather similar. 

Overall, the drugstore quality of both is apparent. I don’t find either well blended. Out of the two I prefer the Houbigant vintage version but I’m not really a fan of either.


Dana on left in most common bottle and Houbigant on right in one of the many kinds of bottles it used to come in. There are many variations on the Chantilly bottle.

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reginleituniverse said: Show us your collection! :)


It’s a grainy photo but here it is! All the perfumes that “made the cut”

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Pierre de Lune translates to “moonstone” in English, a celestial looking opalescent white gemstone. The fragrance itself is a lovely but too simple powdery iris-violet with basenotes of woods. There is nothing really special about this scent to elevate it above Balenciaga’s or Guerlain’s famously beautiful and chic violet-centered scents. It lasts well. It’s nice but I don’t think it is worth the 260 USD retail price which I believe summarizes the Armani Privé line: all nice scents but none original in concept and not worth the money.

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The One by Dolce & Gabbana is a smooth fruity vanilla perfume sans powder or any kind of heavy dark base note thus although sweet is smells quite clean. It is flirty, sweet, and trendy but is rich enough that it is best suited for nights out or special occasions. I think someone who really isn’t big on traditional floral, oriental, or chypre but rather likes fresh and sweet would gravitate towards this perfume. Has good sillage. Overall, I like it. I have a mini but I do think in the future I would like a big bottle. 

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